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Custom Orders

All you need to know about custom orders

I love custom orders! Whether it be a little tweak of one of our existing designs, for example you may wish to add or take away a detail, change the fabric or colour. Or even create something from scratch. There's no better feeling than knowing you own something made with only you in mind.


The first step is to decide on the designs you'd like. The best way to see all of my designs, and all of the many variations, is to visit my instagram @urbanbirdclothing.


Now it's time to choose your fabric! Please remember that fabrics are very limited edition, and can sell out very suddenly, so don't wait too long if you have your heart set on something! Once they're sold out, it's not usually possible for me to restock them. I'll update this as often as possible, but to keep an eye out for new fabrics, follow me on Instagram @urbanbirdclothing

Tropical scuba-

Purple geode-

Green and gold leaf print scuba-

Pink and lilac floral scuba- 

Spring blooms scuba- 

Sea print scuba-

Blue/purple cloud scuba- 

Pink cloud scuba-

Blue and pink floral (sky bloom)-

Cat print scuba- 

Pink galaxy print-

Red and white floral scuba-

Navy and pink peony scuba-

Ivory with metallic gold gel dots- 

Blue and white animal print-

80's print-

Grey hydrangea floral-

Purple symmetrical floral scuba-

Moon and stars scuba-

BCandyfloss scuba-

Blue marble scuba-

Polka dot lemon scuba-

Primrose white floral scuba-


Cobalt peony scuba-

Plum floral scuba-

Multicoloured marble scuba-

Mint lemon scuba-

Nude/pink floral scuba-

Watercolour wildflower scuba-

Floral dalmation print-

Sandy snakeskin scuba-

Pink leopard scuba-

Red/pink peony scuba-

Grey/blue suede touch snakeskin scuba-

Delphinium floral scuba-

Nude floral scuba-

Feather scuba-

Pink/burgundy floral scuba-

Pink/peach floral scuba-

Marble scuba-

Mint floral-

Plain cobalt blue scuba- 

Plain magenta scuba-

Plain pink-

Plain black scuba-

Plain ivory scuba-

Lilac floral scuba-

Lilac leopard scuba-

Blue unicorn scuba-

Chevron flamingo scuba-

Gold holographic lycra-

White holographic Lycra-

Grey floral scuba-




Moving on to the finer details. Hardware is the name used to describe the little hoops and sliders used in lingerie to make the straps adjustable. I stock metal hardware, here are the options:



Next up is the elastic. For edging elastic (the soft foldover elastic that edges the fabric so it sits snug to the body) we currently only stock pure white, ivory, black or grey.

These photos below are of the satin strap elastic, which is used for the bra straps and all other strappy details. Here are the strap elastic options:





And last but not least, lace! Same as with the fabric, the laces are limited edition and could sell out at any moment. I'm also always on the look out for great quality lace in new colours so check back here every now and then to see whats new! Here are the laces that are available at the moment: 


When pieces are custom made, I also require the following measurements from you:

Around the fullest part of your bust:

Under your bust:

Around your waist:

Around your hip bone:

Around the fullest part of your bum:

Pole wear

Of course, my designs are designed and intended as lingerie, however a lot of my customers use my pieces as pole wear. The thick and stretchy scuba fabric I use works well for pole, but there are a few tweaks I can make upon request to make things even more comfortable for you. Firstly, althought I don't offer padding, I can sew a lining into the cups of your bralets with a little pocket so you can add your own removable padding. Secondly, I can make the crotch area a little wider. Please remember to request these tweaks before finalising your order!


The price of a custom set depends entirely on the designs and fabrics you choose, however generally custom sets average at around £65-£75. Please feel free to get in touch with your ideas for a more accurate quote.

How to order custom pieces

The best way to order a custom set is to get in touch via the contact page, or message me on instagram, we can then discuss your ideas and finalise your order. I've included all of this information here to make things easier for you, but please feel free to send me a message if you have any other questions, or if there's anything I can help you with. I absolutely love custom work, so don't hesitate to get in touch!


While you can customise any of my designs with various fabrics and laces, please bare in mind that they are still my designs, and therefore I reserve the right to sell the same designs to other customers. I often post photos of my custom sets onto social media, which helps to generate more orders and keeps my little business going strong. Unfortunately I'd have to charge a massive amount more for each piece to be completely unique, and my aim is to keep prices low and affordable for handmade custom lingerie.