How do I order?

Please see the 'how to order' page.

Can I get on your waitlist?

My waitlist is closed at the moment as it's full. It reopens every 3 months or so, and usually fills up with around 200 sets within an hour, so set your reminder when you see the time and date announced!

When does your waitlist reopen?

My waitlist reopens when I'm all caught up, which is usually every 3 months or so. The best way to be kept up to date with the waitlist reopening date and time is to keep an eye on my Instagram (@urbanbirdclothing). I post about it regularly when the reopening is coming up, to give everyone a chance to see it and set their reminders. 

Can I combine my order with friends, and order as a group?

Sure! You are more than welcome to combine orders with friends, it's a great way to save on postage costs. I just ask that you checkout together if an order is being shipped to the same address, it just makes it easier for me to keep track of. 

Is this fabric/lace/elastic in stock?

Please check my custom orders page for an up to date account of all currently available fabrics, laces and elastics. 

Is a sold out fabric being restocked?

All my fabrics are very limited edition, and once one sells out, it's not always possible to restock it unfortunately!

What designs can I choose from for custom orders?

I have so many designs and so many variations of said designs to choose from, and the best way to view them all is to scroll through my Instagram account and screenshot the ones you like. Often, small details like lace placement and strappy details can be mixed and matched, so please feel free to ask me about any ideas. However, keep in mind that I don't create entirely new designs for custom orders. 

Can your designs be worn as swimwear?

My designs are intended as lingerie, and have not been tested for use as swimwear. Chlorine, salt water and heat can all affect fabrics, and even the techniques and elastics used for swimwear manufacturing are vert different. So ultimately, no, I do not recommend you use my designs as swimwear, only do so at your own risk.