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How to order (COVID-19 temporary changes)

Hey everyone! So the way I take orders is going to be changing temporarily. My aim is to avoid having long queues like usual, just while we’re living in these uncertain times, in case my situation changes (supply shortages, postal isues etc).

So instead of having an order queue like I usually do, I now have a wait list. If you'd like to order anything, please contact me (via instagram, email or the contact page on my website) and ask to be added to my wait list. The only information I'll need upfront is roughly how many sets you'd like to order. This is not set in stone, you can of course change your mind, it's just so I at least have a rough idea of how long my queue is, seeing as a lot of my customers order in groups with their friends etc.

I will contact you once I get around to your name on my list, then you'll have a few days to decide on your order and make payment. I will be here to help, and to discuss any ideas you have, there's no rush! Once payment has been made, orders will likely be dispatched within 2 weeks. You will recieve an email/message when your order has been posted.

I hope that all makes sense, if you have any questions please get in touch via Instagram or the contact form on my website. Thank you for continuing to support my little business!

Take care,

Molly xxx