How to order a custom set

I offer free custom sizing on all of my collection pieces, however if you want to customise your own design, you'll need to join my custom order waitlist. It is usually full, but every 3-4 months or so, once I've caught up, I reopen the waitlist again. I post about it plenty in advance on my Instagram (@urbanbirdclothing), so do keep an eye and set your reminders when I announce the time and date, the waitlist does tend to fill up within an hour! 

When the times comes, to get on my waitlist, simply message me via Instagram DM at the aforementioned time, and tell me how many sets you plan on ordering when it's your turn. This is the only information I need at this point, and you are not tied into this number in any way, it's just helpful for me to keep track of estimated numbers. 

Once I'm around to your name on my waitlist, I will message you and we will then discuss what you'd like to order. Check out the custom orders catalogue for more information about how custom orders work, though it's a very informal process and I'm always more than happy to help and guide as needed. 


I usually ask that customers decide on their orders within a week of my message, just to keep my waitlist running smoothly. However, there is never any real rush, as long as you keep me updated. After we have discussed and finalised your order, that's when we'll settle payment. Then all orders take up to 4 weeks to make and dispatch. You will always receive an email or message when your order has been posted. Postage time depends on the destination country.

If, when I get around to your name, you no longer want too or are no longer in a position to order, rest assured that I completely understand and will not be offended in any way. I just ask that you do respond to my message to let me know so I can move onto the next person on my waitlist.

I know this sounds so complicated when written out like this, but it's what I've found works best as a one woman army! It means I can always control the amount of orders I have, which allows me to spend more time making them perfect for you!

Thank you all for always being so supportive and patient! It really means the world to me. I hope that all makes sense, if you have any questions please get in touch via Instagram or the contact form on my website.

Don't forget to follow me on Instagram, it is definitely the best way to be kept up to date with new releases, behind the scenes and waitlist news!

All the best,
Molly xxx